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CR001 Harris County Tax Assessor – Collector – Paul D. Bettencourt – 1926 – 2008, Bulk 1998 – 2008 CR001 Harris County Tax Assessor – Collector – Sanborn Maps 1924-1938 CR002 Facilities and Property Management (FPM) CR002 Facilities and Property Management (FPM) – Courthouse Plans CR004 HC Records Management – Message Boards CR005 HC Toll Road CR006 HC Parks Development Photograph CR007 HC Auditor’s Office CR008 HC Social Services CR012 CR013 Justice of the Peace 1, Civil Case Files CR012-CR027 Justice of the Peace Records CR028 HC Hospital District HCHD CR029 HC Community Development CR030 Bayland Orphans Home CR031 Casey Robert (Bob) Randolph CR031 HC Judge Emmett Ed CR031 HC Judge Eckels Robert CR031 HC Judge Elliott William (Bill) M CR031 HC Judge Lindsay Jon CR031 HC Judge White Ryan CR033 HC Precinct 2 Fonteno Jim – AV CR033 HC Precinct 2 Garcia Sylvia CR035 HC Precinct 4 Lyons E. A. ‘Squatty’ CR035 HC Precinct 4 Mercer CR036 HC Flood Control District CR041 HC Medical Examiner CR044 HC Attorney – Addicks-Fairbanks Road Sand Co CR044 HC Attorney – Alberti v. Sheriff of HC CR044 HC Attorney – Allwaste Tank Cleaning Inc CR044 HC Attorney – American Envirotech Inc Permit CR044 HC Attorney – Braes Utility District CR044 HC Attorney – Brio Superfund Site CR044 HC Attorney – Durwood Greene CR044 HC Attorney – EPA Cases CR044 HC Attorney – Excalibur Club CR044 HC Attorney – Harry S. Walsweer v. HC CR044 HC Attorney – HC v. Evan H. Loewenstein CR044 HC Attorney – HC v. Texas Water Commission CR044 HC Attorney – Hunter Industrial Facilities Inc (HIFI) CR044 HC Attorney – James R. Hunt v. HC CR044 HC Attorney – Kartis Ewing v. Jack Heard CR044 HC Attorney – Legal Opinions CR044 HC Attorney – Michael J Grabowski CR044 HC Attorney – Texas v. Jon Lindsay CR044 HC Attorney – Weibel Landfill CR052 HC Constable Precinct 8 – Milton O. Stanley “Bill Bailey” CR054 HC PID – Architecture and Engineering Division – Permits CR056 HC Historical Commission CR057 HC Public Library CR059 HC Public Health & Environmental Services CR061 Office of Management and Budget – Cassette Tapes incomplete CR071 HC Law Library CR076 HC Recycling Committee CR077 HC Pollution Control CR078 HC Fire Marshal CR079 Justice Court Dockets


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