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Harris County Archives

The Harris County Archives, a department of the Harris County Clerk's Office, exists to preserve, protect, and provide access to records which document the history of the government of Harris County. Contained in the collections are records from over 80 County offices, departments, and committees, and over 65 private donations which document the work of county-related organizations, projects, and former officials.

At the Harris County Clerk’s Office, we have two collections of archival records: The Harris County Archives and the County Clerk Office Archives. While there is some overlap, both Archives operate a little bit differently and manage distinct kinds of records.

The County Clerk’s Office Archives contains records that have been recorded in the Office of the Harris County Clerk; mostly pre-dating 1961. The custody of certain records from other offices in the county may also be transferred to the HCCO Archives in accordance with state statutes. Records held in this Archives include deeds, plat maps, birth records, marriage licenses, road maps, Probate Court records, Commissioner Court minutes, contracts, military discharge records, County Surveyor’s records, and registered trademarks and brands.


Both Archives are located at 11525 Todd Street, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77055.

HCCO Archives:


Harris County Archives:


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